INFOTVNETWORK airs television programs, commercials and news stories on Mainstream broadcast television, cable TV, satellite TV and internet.
INFOTVNETWORK is launching a broadcast television network. Our TV Network is broadcasting from the top of Black Mountain and will reach all southern Nevada households, casino resorts and businesses! INFOTVNETOWORK will also be broadcasting on Direc TV and Dish Network. This will allow the company to reach the large North America television viewer audience. INFOTVNETWORK is producing News Story Movies with product placement. The company is creating content and movie assets. INFOTVNETWORK must meet minimum FCC requirements and carry a minimum amount of community and family programming. INFOTVNETWORK is creating 4k and 1080i HD entertainment and information content for many different networks and websites. 4K content is 4 times higher than 1080i High Definition! This is the latest breakthrough in technology and equals and surpasses in some cases Movie Theatre, Theatrical Release quality. INFOTVNETWORK is also marketing and cross promoting products and services.
We also provide the highest level of website design, development, programming, and hosting services.
INFOTVNETWORK owns and operates a fully equipped web development company and broadcast video production facility. The company integrates cutting edge, top of the line television programs with world class web sites. The company has successfully implemented this business model for businesses and consumers. The level of design and programming is some of the most advanced in the world. The company has implemented features that "YouTube", "my space", "Face Book" and other leading web sites offer.